brand introduction

Zhejiang ark socks Co., Ltd. (Ark socks) is an enterprise with a history of more than 20 years, which focuses on R & D, production and sales. Since 1993, Fangzhou chemical fiber raw material business department has established knitting factory and wrapping yarn factory successively in 2001, and Zhejiang Fangzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. was jointly established with Hong Kong lianyue Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2003. The company is located in the West Development Zone of Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, which is the capital of socks industry in China. The factory area is 33000 square meters. It has the right of self import and export, chemical fiber raw material business department and modern production plant. Ark socks industry has more than 300 advanced computer hosiery machines, It has passed the European BSCI certification, the European Union environmental protection Oeko tex certification, the United States target inspection factory, the United States FDA, the United States WCA factory, etc., with an annual output of about 30 million pairs of socks, and has more than 20 technical patents. In 2011, it successfully developed the health care pressure socks and successfully registered in 2014 Patents. The goal of ark socks industry is to make people all over the world wear high quality socks from ark.

Since 2011, the company began to focus on the production and development of health-care pressure socks. In 2014, the company passed the FDA certification, and established a professional pressure socks testing laboratory equipped with the special CMD tester of MSC pressure testing center. After nearly 10 years of accumulation and improvement, ark has a perfect and mature pressure socks design, production, quality control and testing system, and developed a variety of health care pressure socks, such as diabetes patients series, sports protection series, exercise pressure series, business travel series and fashion series, etc., to provide customers with more choices.

Ark socks industry pays close attention to the quality of products, so it has won a huge market and a large number of customers. The socks produced by ark have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia. The cooperative customers include gildan, target, kaufland, lidl, Reebok, Takko, Forever 21 and gap or famous brand purchasers.

Excellent employees are the foundation of the company's development, and excellent employees are the biggest wealth of the company. Ark socks industry has a rigorous, efficient, professional and dedicated team, and constantly recruit the industry's top production and sales staff, and constantly strengthen the training of internal management personnel, and strive to create a continuous learning and enterprising team, so that every employee can have a good career development space. The company strives to create the best working environment, so that the staff of ark can work with the best spirit and enthusiasm every day.

As a responsible company, we always pay attention to human rights, environmental protection and social sustainable development, and constantly take actions to fulfill our commitments. We have BSCI, wrap, EU environmental certification and other environmental certification certificates. At the same time of giving socks life, we care about our common living home. The goal of ark socks industry is to make people all over the world wear high-quality socks from ark.

Brand story

If you look closely, the factory building of Ark Socks is full of such slogans:

"Quality is the life quality of an enterprise and quality is the source of benefits."

"You are makeup artists for socks, please make her dazzling"

"We give socks life and let the best socks come from us"

Ark Socks has been determined to produce the highest quality socks since its inception. From the establishment of the company in 2003 to today, the footprint of the Ark socks industry has moved from China to more than 20 countries around the world, but the Ark people's dedication to the production quality of socks has not changed. We are still pursuing the top socks manufacturing process. Ark people from generation to generation are fulfilling their promise to bring high-quality socks all over the world.