company culture

Innovation and pursuit of excellence, integrity builds the arksocks

Enterprise Position

Based on advanced technique and management system,to produce and supply the top-quality and top-technology socks,and to be one of the most excellent and suppliers in the world!

Enterprise Mission

Bring off customer:We concentrate on the satisfied and success of every customer.

Bring off staff:We concentrate on the maturity of every staff in ablity and capacity,and to earn more.

Bring off Arksocks:We are going to get much more profit and strengthen our company through the effective management.

Core value

Innovation:Keeping the working passion and tough spirit in company's fledging years,and innovate continually in management and technique to strengthen Ivy socks's core competitiveness;Improve quality and shorten delivery time to get customer's completely satisfied.

Competition:Actively participates in the domestic and international competition,learn from competitor and cooperation partner, improve ourself continually.

Win-win cooperation:Actively looks for extensive coopertation to make up for each other's deficiencies,and mutual sharing of benefits.

Enterprise Culture

Serious:Be careful with job,be loyal to friends.

Frank:Keeping frank spirit,communicating with no prejudice to make a harmonious interpersonal relationship in each other.

Love:Full of love to everyone and everthing,making the world a better place.